Torn in TwoMature

I loved her. I loved her more than life itself. Immortal and radiant, she shone in every waking moment of my life and danced behind my eyelids whenever I closed my eyes and daydreamed wistfully about her.

Eyes that could melt any mortal in seconds, and a figure that even the gods themselves envied. She had captured the heart of every archangel in the land above, and every hungry stare in the land below.

She was effortless in every movement, seemingly made out of water so graceful was she. She danced among the clouds as easily as she danced about all of our minds. Every souless abomination in the land below coveted her, and her pure heart could not fathom the fact that they would ever hurt her; hurt and pain and suffering were alien to her.

She would sit in the sun on the largest cloud and play the harp for centuries at a time, and for centuries at a time all work and activity in both lands would stop and be held in rapture by the melodies her porcelein fingers coaxed from the harp.

I loved her, along with every other creature in both worlds, and she loved me back. We were happy for a time, a time almost incomprehensible to the mortal mind but a short time for the very beings who brought the stars and the universe into exisence.

She was with me, her laugh like a thousand springtimes and her touch like cleansing fire through my souless frame. I loved her with a love that would put all others to shame, and for a time we were happy.

She was beautiful, and I loved her but I was torn in two. The violent abomination within me raged against my peaceful existence until finally the chains were broken. I watched, helpless, as my true nature was unleashed upon her.

Bones broke. Wings snapped. Blood flowed. And outwordly, I wept. Inwardly, I rejoiced. I tore her in two, her once graceful body resembling a broken bird leaking sunset hues onto the clouds. Her frame was wracked with pain, and I wept and held her close. Her perfect face didn't question; there was still love in her eyes even as they faded forever. Outwordly, I wept.

The abomination within me rejoiced and gloried in the slaughter.

The End

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