Torn in Two

The main character wakes up with no recollection of who he is where he is, or even what he is, searching the continent for some clue of who he might be, but only finding that the residents of this continent fear him, along the way finding that there are those who don't know of who he's being mistaken for and are willing to help him try to find out who he really is.

As the cold ocean foamed around him, hitting him in the face with a splash of cold salty water. The stranded man on the desolate beach, slowly arose from the dent he had made in the sand, looking at it it would seem that the man had been there for quite a while, he looked around and realized that he couldn't recognize anything, the beach he was on, the scruffy black robe he was wearing, there was nothing familiar to him.

Standing for 5 minutes lost in himself, trying to remember anything, how he got where he was or even his name the man fell to the floor fatigued from just holding his weight up, as he hit the ground he had suddenly felt the cold chill of the air come over him, shivering and alone on the sandy beach the man pulled himself to a piece of driftwood laying on the sand, just about the right size for a crutch. With his ability to walk barely holding himself up, he stared at the night sky and the red moon glaring down at him, the more he looked at it the weaker he felt, and again he fell to the floor.

Unconscious on the floor he screamed in pain from the moon that seemed to be attacking his mind, all he could do was drift in the darkness of his mind. The noises he had been making, the roars and screams of pain appeared to have attracted a couple walking to the beach, they ran towards him to help the man who seemed to be in agony but as they approached he slowly rose from the ground the woman in the couple still running towards the man in black yelled to him "are you okay?!" but the man in black said nothing still slowly rising from the ground, the man that was with the woman ran up to the man in black and tried to put an arm around him but as he went to touch him there was a strong gust of wind and the man in black turned to him and quietly said "get away from me" after this was said the man in black rose a hand to the man and clenched his fist.

All of a sudden the man in black awoke in a room, someone must have come to save him from the beach he thought, he had no recollection of the the couple on the beach, the last thing he remembered was falling to the floor screaming in pain.

The End

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