torn apart by confusion

I think to myself, did that conversation even happen? Am I worried about this for nothing? Was it all a dream? All that happened was that I was honest and I guess that you were too, but the honesty made me feel as if there was a wall built up between us that I couldn't see. I worry too much, I know, but right now I worry only that you will come to resent me for what I revealed. You asked me how I felt an I replied I didn't know, in truth, I guess I really don't know. Maybe I did tell you that I knew that I loved you as only a friend and maybe I was sure of it. So sure that I felt at ease, but then I had to go ahead and tell you something more, something that I never dreamed I would reveal. You told me that what I'd revealed was not just something that I had considered that one time, but what you had considered too.

 What would have happened if you'd made that decision to go ahead and act on what you considered doing? Why is it that I wish you had? I believe it's because at least then I could be certain of one thing, how I would have felt about it.

The End

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