Torn - Chapter I

The buzz on my alarm clock tells me to get up. It's seven thirty, time to try to remember. I scatter towards the door and close it behind me. I creep down the stairs, trying not to wake Maya and Tim, my parents.

I make my way to the office. Feeling the walls. Touch. I can feel things. I can feel, but not exactly feel the sense.

My eyes peer into the darkness. Shadows leep across the walls. My nose smells chocolate, dark chocolate. I hurry to the desk and pull the light on.


"Ariel, come here honey." Maya pats her lap. I shake my head and instead sit beside her. I lay my head on her lap.

"What, mom?" My voice is hoarse. Raspy and I choke out a cough.

Maya pushes my hair out of my face, her fingers as soft as feathers. I sigh and close my eyes.

"We're going to meet your tutor today."

"What time is he coming?"

"Dear, he's not coming here. We're going there."

My mouth drop open, I have not been outside. Not since my "incident". They said it was dangerous, that the world would destroy the samll part of my memory that was left. I had believed them.


"It's only about ten minutes away..that's not long."

"But, but, you said not for me to go outside, ever."

"No Ariel, I said not to go outside, alone. And we're not going outside. We're going to his house. Which is safe for you. I'd never let you go if I thought it would harm you."

I get up and run up the stairs to my room. I slam the door behind me and flop onto my small bed. I know I will get in trouble for my tantrum, I will get put in the corner like a two year old. I do not care, anything for me not to get destroyed by the world beyond.

The End

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