"We have breaking news. Russia has officially declared war against Korea. Now, we don't have any estimates of how bad this war will be, but we can guarentee you that this is only the beginning. For the past eight years, tensions have been rising between most of Europe and the Middle East and the surrounding areas." 

A vocie came over the intercom. "Attention all personel. The time has come for you to be deployed. Again, attention all personel. The time has come for you to be deployed." 

Jonathan came up to Tori and was all ecstatic. "Can you believe it Tori? We're actually being deployed!" 

"I don't know why you're so excited. Most of these men will die in battle. If I were you, I'd just get ready and get to one of the hovercrafts." Tori said as she grabbed her knife, pistol, and assault rifle. Tori Adams, was one of the five commanders of the Blackhawks. She was privately trained by the top fighters and scientists in America. Tori could hack a computer network of an entire nation and shut them down. She was the only commander that was trained in hacking. All of them were trained in a special skill and they were all trained in combat. 

The five commanders approached a podium to address the soldiers.

"The time has come. We have been training for years for this exact day. We all know what to do. The rest of America will not realize our presence in the war. Most of them don't even know that we exist. The mission is simple. We go in and take Korea down. We have a base already set up in Russia. In five minutes, we leave for Moscow."

The End

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