The CellMature

Beaten, bruised, and bloody, Tyler sat there in a dimly light room. His vision was dazed and blurry. His head felt like a bomb about to blow, all the pounding. He screamed.

"No use screaming here Mr. Evans, no one can hear you. Not where we're at. Now shut up!" A guard with a Russian accent said. 

"Where, where am I?" Tyler said, spitting out some blood.

"Mr. Evans, I told you to shut up. If I have to tell you again, you're going to regret it." The guard said in a stern tone. 

Tyler didn't say anything more. He looked around, trying to see if he could figure out his surroundings. The room smelt like decay and blood, and from what he could tell, it was a torture chamber. They meant to torture information out of him. Only thing was, Tyler knew nothing. It was his wife that knew everything. The government wouldn't get far with him, because Tori never told him anything about her previous occupation. All he knew was that she was some special agent in the government, or she had been before the end of the war. That's all Tori had ever told him. Everytime it was brought up, she just left the room in tears or in a fit of rage. 

"Mr. Evans, the President wishes to speak with you." A man with a dark voice said.

The End

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