We Have Your HusbandMature

The alarm went off and Tori hit the snooze button. That didn't last too long though. The sun was creeping through the crack in the curtains, shining in Tori's eyes. She rolled over, placing her arm where her husband's body should be. Only thing was, he wasn't there. She pushed herself out of bed and put on her slippers. Tori didn't hear any noises in the house; no walking, no showers, no music, nothing. It was like Tyler just vanished in the night.

"Tyler? If you're pulling a prank on me, this isn't funny." Tori said. 

Tori turned back towards the bedroom and opened up the drawer of her nightstand and grabbed her pistol and went back into the hallway. "Tyler, if you're in here, this isn't funny!" Silence. The floorboards creaked underneath the pressure of her feet. She heard ruslting. "Tyler?" she said in hopes that it was him, but it was just their cat clawing at the coffee table again. "Stop that!" Then she saw it. A tear ran down the side of her face. There was blood on their rug in the living room, and it looked like whoever was bleeding, was dragged out of the house. 

"Ty-Tyler. What happened?" There was no answer, but she spotted a piece of paper on the coffee table. Tori ran down and picked it up.

"Dear Mrs. Evans, we have your husband. All you need to do is turn yourself in for the crimes you have committed against the United States of America. It is simple. Turn yourself in and have your husband released or if you wish, don't turn yourself in and we will kill your husband. The choice is yours Mrs. Evans, or should we say Tori. You have exactly twenty four hours from right now to turn yourself in. The choice is yours. With regards, the President of the United States of America."

Tori sat the piece of paper down with the greatest look of fear she had ever had. Turning herself in meant certain torture and death. Not turning herself in meant the death of her husband. The choice was her's to make and she only had twenty four hours to make it.

Tori smiled, "If this is the game you wish to play Mr. President, just remember that I was trained by the very best in the Hive." She cocked her gun and went downstairs.

The End

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