Before I Start...Mature

"Before I start writing this, there are a few things you all need to know. My past life is something I very rarely talk about, let alone write a book about. My past life is over, what I did in the past, shall be left in the past. So you all better feel damn lucky that you get the actual story straight from me and not this bullshit the media is feeding you. "

The cursor flashed in front of Tori's face. Where to go from there? She had never written a book in her life, let alone one about her past life. She pushed the chair away from her computer and went downstairs to pour herself a glass of wine. 

Tori put the glass to her lips and drank. "How can I do this?", she thought. Tori had never spoken of her past to anyone, not even her husband. She turned on the television only to see her name in a headline on CNN. She quickly turned off the television and went back up to her office. Tori stared at the computer and began to write again.

"America, 2020. That's the year it all happened. All Hell broke loose. Russia went to war with Korea, Israel went to war with Pakistan, Italy and France declared war against Spain, and Australia declared war against Great Britain. It was practically World War Three, except for the fact that America was staying out of it, or so we thought. I worked as an agent for a special branch of the US Military. We had more training than the CIA and Secret Service put together. We were called 'The Blackhawks' and were trained in a special training ground called the Hive. We were being trained for this exact day. None of us knew what the hell was going on, to be honest. You all know my name. My name is Tori Evans and the government wants me dead."

Tori saved what she had written so far on her laptop and crawled into bed with her husband Tyler. She looked at the alarm clock; it was already three in the morning. In three hours, the government would probably be looking for her again. 

The End

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