Chapter One

Grace was looking forward to spring break. Her and her best friend Rae had been planning it all month. Then Grace finds out that Rae has just tried to kill herself. She can't understand why her best friend would do something like that. So Grace sets out to find out just what happened to Rae and what would make her give up her life.

Half awake and half asleep I made my way to the kitchen, it was the second day of spring break and I had accidentally slept till noon. Rubbing the sleep from my eyes I walked into the kitchen to see my mom sitting at the island, trying her best to quietly sob.

"Mom, is everything okay?" I asked. Mom's head snapped up and she looked at me with such a gut wrenching sadness that I couldn't help but look away.

"Gracie, Laura just called." Mom said in a strained voice. My blooded seemed to run cold, jumping to the worst conclusions. Laura was Rae's mom. Rae's was my best friend who I had known since preschool. She grew up with just her mom and older brother looking after her and I had always been envious of how independent she was. I silently hoped for nothing extreme to be wrong. "Rae's in the hospital, Laura found her in the bathroom. Honey, Rae tried to kill herself."

The End

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