A rare happy endingMature

Even though the feeling in my legs was slowly returning, my happy ending is near. Luckily I was on crutches for this happy ending. 

"Ohhh You're beautiful" Lady Elizabeth squealed, prancing like a peacock. I followed her to the mirror. I gasped. My reflection's shocked face looked back. She was wearing a dress that clung but not tight, shimmering in the light. The make up was natural so I felt natural and still me. The shoes were ballet types the ribbon going all the way to her knees, as high heels would make me fall. I smiled as Lady Elizabeth placed the final piece to my outfit, a veil. The tiara was small and from the 14th century worn by all werewolf leaders. "I'm ready" I said as Rowan took my hand and took me to the hall. Ready to be married. 

I walked up the throne room to the tune of Debussy's La fille aux cheveux de lin. Noah stood at the other end smiling at me. I was walking through a dream, silence filled the room as i hobbled up the aisle my crutches making the only outside noise from the music. I reached Noah and Rowan handed me over to him. He smiled and whispered "You look beautiful" I smiled. "Not to bad yourself" I replied. 

The feast was big, with laughter filling the hall. Two races joined and I was married. Dancing round a fire and the evening was joyous. After a while Noah and I slunk of to my rose garden. "Catherine" He said. I looked at him, in his eyes, trusting. He said nothing more, nothing needed to be said. The roses intertwined with the stones and we lay on the grass, roses above our heads and the stars were ours. Just peace, the time for living was now. For this moment we were like the roses, beautiful and intertwined. 

                                                                    ~The End~

The End

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