None but the Lonely HeartMature

My vision was blurry, but I could still see, and could still hear. I saw The Leader square up for the blow, and close my eyes, hoping it would at least be fast. I tried to speak, to tell Catherine I was sorry, that I hoped she forgave me for leaving her, but my lips were lead.  Instead, my brain screamed at me, the pain clawing at my sanity, blissfully quietening everything into the dull roar of my slowing heart.  Then, I felt a weight on my chest, a real one this time, and blonde hair fell into my eyes, my mouth. I felt the jerk of motion, and my stomach clenched. No. She couldn't have..  "Catherine, what are you playing at?" I yelled, the desperation in my voice stopping me dead. My mind raced. What had he done to her?  Then, I heard her reply, or I thought I did,  muted in the pounding of hearts and legs and blades.  " I can't feel my legs."  No.. I can't have heard.. it musn't be.. The injury is addling my mind, feeding me malicious lies.. 

Then, I saw Rowan, the man I had seen as first my adversary, and now my saviour, cross the circle of vampires, clamoured to see the show.  He asked if we were okay, and my heart dropped, as I saw he knew the answers. The wolves followed him, their eyes sad and their gait slow.  My heart dropped. They knew then. They knew that I was a goner, and Catherine.. what was Catherine? I silently prayed, once again, that if there was anyone there, that they could hear a sinner's final prayer and save Catherine.  Forget me, just save her. 

Then, a vampire piped up, " We should put her next to him." I recoiled in surprise. This was a brave vampire girl indeed, to flout The Leader, and to so openly support our relationship.   I felt Catherine be lifted off of me, and I strained to see her, to look at Catherine one last time, to see The Leader's victory, but my eyes were filled with darkness, and my head full of the stabbing pain from my abdomen.  The weight is heavier now, pushing my ribs into my spine, creating a circuit of my bones.  I pushed against it, my breathing getting faster, like a drowned man brought to life. I had seen this in my victims- I did not have long. 

Then, I must have been redeemed, saved, for all I saw was bright light. A pressure on my hand remained, insistent.  The scales had fallen from my eyes, and I felt a tear roll from my bruised face as I saw what I am sure is the most welcome sight I will ever see- Catherine. Pale, bruised, tearstained, but alive, asleep in the bed beside me.  I felt for the wound, and met white gauze.  I looked around, and saw the comforts of Catherine's chamber.  Rowan came in, white, bloodied, and  deadly tired- as I watched, he leant against the door. He smiled, a weak, yet triumphant smile. " You were very, very lucky. It took us hours to stop the blood poisoning from killing you, not to mention the blood loss. But you are alive now, and he will not come for you again. I am sure of that. " 

"Rowan, he is sadistic, vengeful and blood fuelled. He wants me dead. I am the traitor. He will always come for me. " Then, I felt my legs go to lead, and a chill run down my body. "Rowan, you didn't.. Please tell me you didn't try to fight him."  He laughed, and my heart sank further. "Rowan!"  " I didn't try, " he said, and I smiled. " I won. " And my smile dropped. "ROWAN!" At this, Catherine awoke, and gasped aloud to see me awake. " Rowan, what the hell happened to you?!" she said, concern straining her voice. " I killed the bastard that hurt you both, " Rowan said, grinning.  " Good, " Catherine said. " He was such an asshole. "  Laughing at my outrage, Rowan vanished down the hall, and Catherine lay back on the bed, her laughter filling the room as I sighed and rolled my eyes. Wolves. Bloody headstrong. 

The End

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