"How much do you love him?"Mature

The leader held the sword above Noah, sneering at him. Noah just lied there, blood already seeping from the wound made earlier. 

As the leader aims for the final swing I jump and lie over Noah's body as a sharp pain hits me in the back, cracking into my spine and making me cry out loud. I heard Noah shout at me "What are you playing at Catherine!?" But I couldn't move, I struggled to talk. My legs were numb. I couldn't feel my legs, I couldn't feel my legs. "I can't feel my legs" I manage to say. Rowan comes over, he walked straight past the leader into the throng of vampires surrounding us. He walked up to us. "Are you all alright?" His eyes showed he already knew the answers. The vampires just stood around staring as wolves entered the area, standing beside them. Watching to see what would happen. Noah is struggling to breathe. "Get me off him" I order to Rowan. He looks at me in a strange way. He doesn't know I can't feel my legs. Noah hasn't said anything either, did anyone hear me? "We should put her next to him" A vampire says. She steps out from the crowd and helps Rowan lift me up before placing me next to him. I look at Noah His breathing is rapid as it seems life is being dragged out of him. I wonder why no one can hear me. Rowan sits next to me, he grabs my hand. "It'll be alright, sleep now" But I can't. So many questions are fluttering about inside my head. "My legs." I croak, my body deciding to respond to my queries. Rowan looks shocked, as do all the other vampires and wolves. "Noah" All I can manage is a few words and it hurts talking. "Shhh" Rowan replies. "She won't be able to change again" I heard a vampire from the crowd say. Rowan gives him a look. I manage one more word "Why?" He looked at me and said the words that crushed my spirit.

"You're paralysed" 

I grabbed Noah's hand and started crying. 
Noah survive, for me. I love you. 

The End

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