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"Catherine." Rowan's voice echoed through the air as the only noise. His eyes were wide and disbelieving. "Come here." He ordered, "Get away from the vampire." I stood there confused, what am I going to do? I looked over at Lady Elizabeth, she shook her head saying no. She was telling me to defy my race. I looked at Noah, pleading him to help me. 
  Alex was still regarding me as if I was a piece of dirt. Their leader looked furious, in a calm way. His waistcoat all clean and fresh, and looked freshly ironed. He was going to fight like that? Then I realised he was expecting us to back down. He wasn't going to get his hands dirty. 

I stood closer to Noah and in front of everyone held his hand. I heard the gasp ripple round the vampires and werewolves. The vampire leader's eyes narrowed and looked full of fire, but I turned round to Rowan. His eyes were filled with sadness, I hated myself, he looked sad. "I'm sorry" I mouthed at him. He looked at me as if he understood. He walked over to the vampire side and went straight up to the leader, the vampires all went into protective mode and bared their teeth. Rowan looked unfazed. "Let's make peace, Catherine and..." He looked over "Noah" Noah introduced himself. "Noah, have shown us it's possible and we have managed to live together for hundreds of years" Rowan finished. Their leader looked down at Noah and calmly said "Noah is not one of us anymore." Rowan looked hard at the vampire. "What a shame" He said "For Catherine is still one of us, and so is Noah now." He turned and walked to Noah and whispered something in his ear. Noah nodded and said "Thank you." 

Rowan and the werewolves went to walk of back to our castle and we turned to follow. "Go." one word, spoken by the vampires and then they were tearing each other apart.

"Stop!" I shouted, but it was no use, I was trying to stay out the way and find Noah but when I saw him he was tangled in the middle of the war. 

The End

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