Madness in My HeadMature

We just talked, about anything but the thing we know we need to, the war.  We watched as the stars danced and the wind sang in our ears, and we talked, and walked. Mostly, I just watched her, the way she bit the skin on her thumb when she thought, her words crashing like waves, a space between phrases. 

Then, I jerked awake. Somehow, in between the words, we had fallen asleep.  The woods were changed to me now. The war had begun.   Catherine stirred, her eyelids fluttering.   Then, reality hit her, and her eyes flew open.   "Where are we?" she said. I understood her. "This is wolf territory," I said.  " And someone's been very bad," came a voice from behind me. Catherine gasped, and then settled into a defensive stance. I immediately jumped in front of her, much to her chagrin.   Alex stepped from the trees, a smile playing on her lips.   " Oh, how sweet. You replaced me with a dog. "

 Catherine stiffened behind me. " Who's she?" she asked, her voice shaking a little.             "Catherine, meet Alex. Succubus, hellraiser, and an ex girlfriend. Alex, meet Catherine. Werewolf, worth a hundred of you, and likely to rip you apart."  Alex laughed. "Someone's touchy! I would be nice to me, though. I have friends. Friends that would love to hear of your little.. relationship."  Catherine pushed me aside, and squared up to Alex. I was suddenly aware of just how different they were- Catherine' s grey eyes and dark curls against Alex's blonde hair and blue eyes. Catherine was fire and indignance, small and wiry,  pinning Alex with a challenging glare. Alex, however, was lounging against a trunk, all long limbs and fitted black dress,  ice and nonchalance, regarding Catherine like humans do a fly.  Then, Alex brought her hand upwards, and whistled with two fingers.  Then, my stomach turned to lead, as the Leader appeared from the trees.  He was dressed like any other human, albeit a different era. He wore a black waistcoat and trousers over a white shirt, looking as if he'd stepped out of the thirties.  Then, his eyes narrowed, and became blood red. Crap. The Leader was pissed. This will end very very badly for me. Then, the entirety of my race followed in regiments.  I tugged Catherine back behind me once more, and  stood my ground, daring anyone to attack me for Catherine. 

Then, just as the nightmare unfolded, it got worse. From the other side of the clearing, the wolves emerged, teeth bared, ready for war.  The sides were assembled, and we were in the crossfire. 

The End

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