Secret MeetingMature

"The vampires are to attack tomorrow sundown." Rowans grave face surveyed the room. Everyone was silent. "The vampires know we aren't to change yet, therefore they believe they have the advantage..." Rowans moral speech caused me to zone out. So much has changed in the last few days, and last night...the vampires had changed the most. Or had I? 
  A young wolf entered, looking round at the stern faces, all staring down at him he nervously announced he had a letter for me. I grabbed it and waltzed out the room. 
  I opened the letter:

Dear Catherine,
                               I feel the need to explain, I'm not quite sure what, but explain I will. Please will you meet me in the woods by the old willow tree at high moon.  Something is stirring within the vampires and it doesn't look good. You have been kinder to me than anyone vampire or not has ever been, I am looking to repay this kindness. 
   Sweet Catherine I will wait for you. Till sunrise I will wait. Please, find it in your heart to come.

I crumpled up the letter and threw it across the room. Was that all? Repay this kindness, He didn't feel the same. I was an idiot, a fool for believing this. I hid under my covers and wept, for my heart felt broken. Is this what its like? With Rowan I'd been happy, now it felt as if I'd never regain that again. A tiptoe entered my room and I hushed under the covers, I bet my face was red. I cursed silently. "What was that Catherine, not the words for a Lady to speak" It was Lady Elizabeth. I heard her pick up the letter, she sat on my bed and I felt my body move towards her as her weight was on the bed. "My, what an interesting letter. Whose it from?" I didn't answer. Lady Elizabeth got up and pulled my covers back, covering her ears as I shrieked indignantly. "Who is it?" she repeated. "The Vampire" I mumbled. Elizabeth raised her eyebrows at me. Her brain working out everything and piecing it together. "It can never happen" She finally said. I looked confused "What can't?" She sighed as if I was silly, which I probably was. "You two, no matter how much you like each other. It has never happened" I shot her a look, "Because it hasn't happened, doesn't mean it can't. And what do you mean like each other, he doesn't like me the same way." Tears burned furiously in my eyes. "Sweet child, if he didn't like you then why would he send you a letter like this.Visit him, maybe some peace can resume at last." With that she kissed my forehead and walked out the room turning around at the door and whispered "I'll cover for you." 

Night, time to go. I chose my deep red cloak and ran out the castle to forest. I saw Noah, he looked beautiful under the stars with just the moon light falling over his face. I took a deep breath to meet him. "Noah," I started. He turned round. "Catherine" His face lit up. I moved closer to him, as if to embrace and he did the same. Soon we were hugging like old friends, next he was looking down at me and our lips touched and the coldness of his lips shocked me as I felt the death. The hope in the kiss. Lady Catherine was wrong, this could happen. When we reached for air his hand moved to my face, brushing my hair out the way. "You are beautiful" It was all he said a the moment. We held hands and sat facing the moonlight, enjoying the moment before he told me about the war.  

The End

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