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From my tree, I watched as she approached, and then blanched at the dead girl. I swallowed, and tried not to blow my own cover.  I saw in her eyes that she had lost all hope in vampires. As he commanded them to move the corpse, I slid silently from the branch, and walked away.  I passed a river, and bent to wash the dirt from my face. I stared hard at my reflection, drinking in the features I've had for hundreds of years. Dark hair that resists all kinds of brushing, amber eyes, ringed with dark smudges, death in every pore.  No wonder wolves hated us. Right now, I hated us! I felt humiliated, sick with the knowledge that my race had destroyed that girl, for fun. 

What chance did I have with Catherine? I was a vampire, a bringer of death and pain. She was beautiful and loyal and brave.  She was sought after, especially by Rowan. I had read his mind one day, as he slung insults at my chest like stones. He had loved her for decades, but was certain that she'd shoot him down if he tried.  She deserved to be happy, with a guy that could be her everything, that wouldn't let her down and shame her.  I threw my hand down into the water, the reflection breaking into ripples of water once more.  I hated myself for being someone she could never love, when I loved her so.   I rolled onto my back, staring into the sun, grateful for the blindness it gave me. Maybe when I saw again I could see someone else. 

Little did I know my wish would be granted. When the spots of light cleared, a familiar face was gazing into mine, a dark smile on her face. " Well, well, well. If it's not little Noah.  Haven't you grown up into a handsome little boy? "  Her electric blue eyes dared me to speak, eyes I had once held above all, words dripping from lips I had found so beautiful.  " What the hell are you doing here,  Alex?" I said, not meeting her gaze. She chuckled, deep and earthy. " What, you don't like me any more, is that it?"  She pulled my face up to hers, running her tongue over her bottom lip. Gently, as not to hurt her, but to make a point, I pushed her back. Shedevil or no, she was still a lady, and deserved no violence from me. 

The End

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