Mixture of feelingsMature

I walked down the steps to the beach, I ran into the sea. The cool water soothed me as I swam round the shore. As I stopped and trod the water, Noah's words raced through my head. "Thank you." When did a vampire ever thank a werewolf, we were inferior in their eyes. And the hug, the pressure of him hugging me lingered upon my skin. 
   I crawled onto the shore, lying on the sandy beach, the waves slowly lapping over my feet, facing the night sky. My mind is riddled with the thoughts of Noah and this scene offered comfort and assurance. No sound disturbed my bubble and my thoughts twisted into the impossible. Noah and I together, him looking at me the way someone who truly cares for you does. His eyes lingering upon me, dancing together under the stars where no one can see, turning together to invisible music that only we can feel. Then the impossible thought came all together, he slowly moves in and I can feel his lips against mine, the coldness of his death. I snap myself back to reality. No way would that ever happen. Was I going mad? I think that I'm falling for him. The memory of him playing Debussy's la fille aux cheaveux de lin. The memory was bitter sweet as I ached for him to be here. I missed him, all of me ached for the hug, for me to wake up next to him. 

The clatter down the stairs to the beach faded my dreams. I sat bolt upright and saw Rowan. "Come with me" His voice was urgent "You won't believe what the vampires have done."

I followed him to a part in the wood which was our territory, a pale girl was lying there. Her closed eyes made her look like she was sleeping and her mouth was twisted into a peaceful smile. It was as if all the worry had been lifted. Her dress was ripped and she wore gloves, making her look out of place and old fashioned. Her crimson hair was falling out of it's carefully made style and then I noticed the bite marks. They were littered over her throat and wrists, easy places to get to the blood. Bruises were forming and formed over her body, making her look paler. I noticed a claw mark on her face, like a hand clawing down the blackboard.
"We bury her" I said, the silence had been going on long enough and staring wasn't helping. "Rowan?" I asked. He nodded, "Clear this body out of here" He ordered "These vampires need to pay"

War was in the air, we all could feel it. But my mind was spinning, was Noah involved in the attack on the girl? She can't have been older that 19. What was happening to the peaceful co-existence?  

The End

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