Sudden DecisionsMature

My mind reeled. Had to fight?
Not again. We'd lost many from the last fight. Another wasn't worth the lives.

A thought came into my head. Would it work? After all they only wanted Noah back. He wasn't much of a prize anyway. Even if he was an old one. I looked at him his eyes grew wider as he read my thought. "How are you going to that? This place is full of guards." I looked at him as if he was stupid. "You remember last night, when I entered the room and you didn't notice?" He nodded "We are going that way." It was a risk, I know as if the vampires attacked with him, he'd know the secret passage. "But" I quickly interjected, "You must not tell anyone as only I know about it." Noah nodded in understanding. I trusted him. He wouldn't. So I led him over to the tapestry, slipped behind the heavy material, Noah following, into the darkness. I had to help Noah find hid way up the stairs and out the sundial into the rose garden. The roses of different colours shone brightly in the sunlight as Noah reeled backwards in pain. "It's going top be dark soon" I stated "Hide in the sundial, I'll get you when it's safe."
 Walking into the castle again, the place was frantic. People were running around looking for the missing vampire. Rowan came up to me. "Have you seen him?" He asked, his voice crisp and clear. "No." was my reply.

That  evening I crept to the rose garden. The air sweet from the roses. I helped Noah out the sundial, took him to the border. "Now, run" I told him. He looked me in the eye. "Thank you." He said. He walked over to me and hugged me. I looked up at him. "I won't forget this." With that he ran over the border and out of sight.

The End

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