Night in the castleMature

I awoke in my chamber. A groggy sensation made me feel queasy. 
 "shh, don't get up too quickly" It was Rowan. He lifted me into a sitting position. I looked at him, bewildered. He understood my question. "You fell, we still aren't sure why." I go to get out the bed but Rowan forces me back in. "We can continue without you for a bit, we won't fall to pieces straight away" He shot me that smile, one of brilliance, it used to make my heart stop. But not now. He walked out my room and I had been bed bound. I shifted, then moved, then tried to get comfy. No use.
  Oh screw this, I thought, I need out. Even though I was now in my nightgown, with the moon shining brilliantly through my window, an urge pulled me to see Noah. I went via my secret passage, just to make sure I wasn't caught.
   Creeping from behind the tapestry, Noah was in the middle of the room, eyes shut and playing an invisible piano. It was somehow serene, and I caught myself not wanting to impose. He turned round sharply. Surprised at the fact I was wearing my night gown. "How did..When did..?" He looked round the room, confused.
  I laughed. Not harshly a soft laugh. One I hadn't used in ages. The last person I used this laugh for was...well...George.
   "Don't think about it." I said, "What were you playing?"
This threw him. It was almost he couldn't believe that I just asked him. "La fille aux cheaveaux de lin, The girl with the flaxen hair" He replied. "By..."

"By Debussy" I finished.
"Err, yeah" He looked surprised. Little did he know I love the girl with the flaxen hair. "Play it for me" I commanded.
"Here?" I nodded. I sat on floor next to him as his fingers moved swiftly over the air, the music playing in my head. Sending me to sleep, my head on his shoulder.


I awoke to a scuffling noise. On the hard floor if the throne room was surprisingly comfy. I felt an arm around my waist as if I had slept against someone, I was. I was next to Noah. I felt the melting feeling as I turned round to face him and hid into him. The scuffling noise grew louder and I heard voices. I shot up and ran out, behind the tapestry. 

Away to my room. I made it just in time, when a maid came in my room. "They've sent for you ma'am, about the prisoner, the vampires have sent a letter." A cold chill ran down my spine. I changed quickly and ran to the throne room. 

The End

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