Straight Jacket Feeling.Mature

I cleared my head by piling the worries to the back of my mind. I knew a way to the throne room, a secret passage. I ran to the sundial in the middle of the rose garden. it was covered by yellow roses, I love them so much. Moving the top of the sundial, I climbed into it, replaced the lid and walked down the stairs of the darkened passage. I didn't need a light, for I knew the route well. Finding the door behind one tapestry, I slunk in, he shouldn't have spotted me. 
 I was right, he was hidden in a shady corner. I'd forgotten how bright it was in here. I walked over to him and watched him sleep. His face washed of all the worry he bears. He shivered slightly, then he started shaking unbearably. I turned, went to one of the thrones and took the fur blanket of it. When I reached Noah again I put the blanket over him, then tucked him in. He stopped shivering and I stroked his hair and whispered it would be fine. I heard someone coming, possibly Rowan. Any wolf would kill me if he saw this. Something overwhelmed me, the thought of leaving Noah to face the wolves, he looked so fragile. I kissed his forehead.
  Running I hid behind the tapestry as Rowan entered, with the council."Block out all sun" Rowan commanded. The High court would start.  I ran out the hidden door, round the gardens and entered the court. "Nice of you to join us" Said one Elder, spitting sarcasm at me. "I only just got the message," My voice remained cool and clear, I turned to Rowan. "I am deeply sorry, forgive me?" Rowan looked stern but a hint of glee was in his eye, it amuses him when I annoy the council. "Let us begin" Rowans voice rang out and Noah was thrust into the middle of the room. My head began to swarm. This was going to be interesting. What was I doing? I can't be falling for a vampire! 
 I needed to think, but we are about half way through questioning. I got up anyway. Everyone stared, "I need...go" I managed to mumble before I fell over, down the steps leading to the throne. In front of Noah, then everything went black.  

The End

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