Toothless TreasureMature

I had set my mind on hating my new prison, until I actually saw it.  I forgot all pretence of maintaining detatched, and merely drank in the beauty of the place. It was truly beautiful. Shame it housed mutants and liars, cut-throats and thieves.  I shook my head, and retreated back into my mind.  

We drew up to the castle, and yet another wolf approached us. " Where do you want him?" he said, a lopsided smile dragging one half of his mouth upwards. My heart leaped a little.  This was the time I saw her measure- this, I decided, was the test of their basic decency.  Alas, I was to be disappointed. Her eyes cool, she banished me to the throne room and walked away.   My heart dropped into the soles of my feet. I was to be tortured, I could see.   My head reeled. On the journey.. NO. I had been a fool. Yet, I had thought.. I had thought that she may have weakened. That she may actually care, just a tiny bit.  The wolf threw me into the room, slamming the heavy doors behind me, and pushing me into the room. 

My stomach dropped once more to my feet, as I understood my plight. The throne room, it would appear, was lined with windows, with golden sunlight creating swathes of deadly sunlight.  They knew exactly what that would do to a hungry, weak vampire. I was dead for sure.  The room was 90% sunlight. The door had pushed me forwards, so I was smack bang in the middle of one pane of glass.  I ran, blinded, burning.  A cool, dark corner suddenly enveloped me, and I curled myself into a ball, crying out as the burned skin rubbed against my clothes.  I closed my eyes, and tried to block out the sharp throb of the blood, ticking beneath my broken skin,  reminding me with every beat that I had lost. 

Slowly, blissfullly, I felt my head swim, and sleep overtook me. 

The End

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