The Alpha CourtMature

My heart filled with happiness as I spotted home. The light brown of the bricks were a burnt red as the morning sun rose. Slowly unfolding the beauty of the castle. Settled at the cliff edge the sound of the sea was calming and the romantic renaissance architecture was revealed as we walked closer. I turned to look at Noah, his jaw nearly reached the floor. He looked cute, the gormless face with the sun rays caressing on side while the other was in shadow. I smiled to myself, then remembered who I was. 
  What was I thinking!? I cursed myself for being a fool, no vampire deserves the admiration of a wolf.

We reached the castles door, the heavy wooden doors of deep mahogany with gold spiral patterns intertwining with each other, casting off to form leaves. It never ceases to amaze me how much detail is in the castle, every time you look something new appears. "What do you want with the prisoner, ma'am?" I looked up, at last a clean shaven wolf addressing me. "Put him in the throne room, we have a pet" I smiled. Noah looked confused as they took him away. Rowan pulled me close. "Humiliating, interesting" He whispered in my ear. I felt trapped in his embrace, I tried to escape. "Hey, what's up?" he whispered nuzzling into me. How can I tell him I feel like his embrace suffocates me now rather than the melting feeling I used to get? "I need air," I told him. "I'm going to the rose garden." In truth I needed to think. My mind was spinning with the thoughts of Noah, the look when I first saw him, to the memory of this morning. Of the sun on his face as he looked in awe. 
  The garden was my space to breath, since I was small. The one place you could find me when I was sad. Rowan knew this, so he let me go. That's the strange thing about Rowan, He'd let me go then ask questions.
   I'm not ready to answer any.  

The End

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