Prisoner of WarMature

Two wolves pulled me away from Catherine, who couldn't even meet my eye. I was marched away, my arms wrenched high enough up my back that every jolt they gave me, sniggering, sent bolts of pain into my shoulders, and I was certain they were hitting the back of my head just to see if I'd throw up from pain yet. I was taken to what seemed like a wolf burial, for their leader. I watched them braid flowers between his fingers, and send him down river on a beautiful boat. I couldn't watch the corpse float away- nausea at what I had truly done struck me each time I tried. I had enraged them beyond repair, and now they were full of bloodlust. But not yet. Now was their time for grieving, and my time to watch from the back, trussed and encaged like a dog. Oh, the irony. Then, my gaze was stolen by Catherine. Her eyes were a icy grey, and as I watched, a tear carved its path down her cheek. She glanced at me, pulled back in revulsion and buried herself into another wolf. This one was strikingly good looking, and not too happy to see me either. His teeth bared into a snarl, before turning her away and walking back down the bank. I sighed, and buried my head in my knees. I was just so tired- every wolf, it seemed, had goaded, mocked and spat on me on the journey. One made the mistake of putting his hand in to pull my head backwards. He lost the hand. Catherine, through her anger, repressed a snort. " I warned you not to touch him," she said silkily. He shot daggers at her, and flounced away, clutching his maimed arm to his side. I smiled into my feet. However, my happiness was short lived. With one smooth move, she kicked my cage over, so I had no choice but to lie at her feet. " If you break another wolf, I will break you and all your kind. Got it? Unless you want to taste roast vampire tonight, which I hear is delicious fresh, keep the fangs in your cell. ". My stomach rolled, and as she walked away, I threw up into the long grass. The Leader had been right. They were barbarians, archaic and cruel.

The End

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