After the BattleMature

The blood spilled was nothing compared to the lost faces of the wolves. I looked down at Noah, so the low-life had a name. We had no leader. The Alpha's were out. I looked over at Rowan. We were always ment to take over, just not like this. Rowan would have to show his authority in front of the vampires, and as would I. 

   Rowan stepped into the middle, while my foot stayed on Noah's neck, he seemed bewildered at what was happening, after all the vampires had left gleefully after Seth had killed George. Lady Elizabeth had such sweet revenge after that. While Rowan was gaining control over the lost wolves, two came and took the vampire from under my feet. Now let's see how he liked to be a prisoner. Elizabeth had to claim that we were the alpha's now, she came and took my hand and led me to where Rowan was and it was all hailing, all celebrating from everyone around. I felt caught out though. I never wanted chocola..Noah, to find out. I turned round to see him and caught his wide eyed expression. I cursed myself, why was I bothered with what he thought? But the matter of the fact my wolf never killed him still bothered me, that never occurs. 
We had to step over the mangaled bodies, so distorted we couldn't tell which were wolves to give a proper burial. The one body we all knew was George's. So a raft of wood was made and his body placed on the raft. As Elizabeth, I and other female wolves placed flowers over him, the males sat and watched, heads bowed. Then we all stepped back apart from Elizabeth, who said her final goodbyes as he was pushed into the water and the raft on fire. 
  There was a peaceful calm as we watched  the burning raft and body. Tears fell silently down my cheeks, next to me Rowan didn't notice, for the fire was too beautiful in its sadness for anyone to notice. Apart from Noah. I saw him watch a tear fall from my face. I turned and tried to hide myself in Rowan, who noticed as I was hiding. He felt like comfort and soon we were off home. To the Alpha court, with an old one as prisoner. 

The End

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