Snapped SanitiesMature

  I stood to the edges, watching the chaos unfold.  Wolves scrabbling with vampires. Falling corpses, both vampiric and lupine.  I heard Seth cry out as a wolf ripped his arm clean off. I turned away. To be honest, he was a bit of a dick anyway, and he had killed the High Alpha.  Why should I risk my own hide to save his?

Suddenly, a blinding pain in the back of my head threw me to the floor.  I flipped over to see Catherine, as I now knew she was called, a smashed signpost in her hand, and my blood smeared down her left hand. Her eyes were blazing, and she spat on me in derision.  "You arrogant, low-life. I would call you a cockroach, but at least they make good noises when they die. You don't even do that."   She raised the jagged base of the sign, as if to stake me. My mouth went dry, and I rolled, using my speed, to escape this lunatic and her makeshift stake.  She was angry, though, and powerful, and in my weakened state she overpowered me.

 I couldn't breathe, couldn't think. She was pressing her foot ever harder to my windpipe, and I could see stars.  Even vampires need intact spines, and if asphyxiation didn't claim me, the vertebrae in my neck snapping would for sure. " Do.. it. " I gasped.  The lack of oxygen had chased the murder from my blood, the fire from my gut.  All I could feel was the dead I had doomed, clawing at me, pulling me into the earth to rot.  All I wanted was this to end.  I closed my eyes, expecting the sharp snap of my neck, or the plunging pain of the sign into my heart.  " If you care, I never told you my name. " I said, in between racking coughs, each word a burr on my tongue.  " My name is Noah, " I said, and the purple clouds in my vision knitted together, pulling me into perpetual night. 

The End

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