Time to runMature

Trying to open my eyes was impossible, my head hurt like crazy. Did the wolf have to party all night? At least I'm hoping I'm not in another deer carcass. I'm going to have to move soon, I can't stay in vampire territory. Slowly, my eyes opened and a groan signaled my hopes were wrong. I edged out the carcass, I needed a wash before I went anywhere. "You couldn't resist, could you?" I whispered angrily at the wolf, who wasn't listening but sleeping happily till the next full moon. 
  I managed to stumble across a river, where I continued to wash and remember last night. I couldn't remember much apart from before I transformed. He saw me. He couldn't have, but he did. Why didn't he run, why didn't the wolf kill him? That's what normally happens, the vampire runs and the wolf kills it, tears the soulless thing apart. Why didn't it? A snap of a branch forced me to hid under the water. I need to get back to the wolfs. "Find her" said a voice. It sounded unlike anything I heard. A powerful voice. Suddenly the voice entered my head. "Where are you Catherine, Alpha and next in line with Rowan?" I emerged to the surface, the voice must belong to George, the highest Alpha with his Lady Elizabeth.
 He smiled at me as he saw me. "Come, the vampires are closing in."

"Who said they aren't here?" Chocolate voice! I turned around. "Now little Alpha, you've been busted." I can't believe it. George looks at me. I slink backwards, he's angry. Chocolate watches this display, working out what's going on. He's not alone, I spot Seth in the crowd of vampires. Suddenly other wolves, non-alphas but warriors come. In the midst of battle, I'm forced out and away with Elizabeth. As we escape over the border Elizabeth screams and falls to the ground. Tears fall from her eyes and she weeps. It means George has been killed in battle.  

The End

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