Redemption and SensibilitiesMature

Have you ever noticed the word extraordinary has ordinary wrapped inside? That, for me, shows that all extraordinary things come from ordinary people.  That gives me hope that I can  break the rules of vampires, and become stronger than the bloodlust.

I was hiding in the woods, singing a song I remembered from my military days, endless hours tossed on an slate sea.  Then, I suddenly felt a presence, a ghostly finger running along my skin. I turned, and froze.  She was back, the girl. She had returned. I could feel my mind unfurling like a flag. She was the reason I was all alone. She was the killer this time.  Suddenly, her eyes clouded over, like a pool swept by wind, and dropped to her knees. She clawed at the earth, and shook as her whole being merged, stretched, changed.. into a wolf. Her eyes, now a fiery amber where cool grey had stood, appraised me, looking past my face into my head.  My hands shook as I resisted the tugging feeling of my whole life being dragged out for her to see.  We usually run, an action used to save our lives. Wolves were not calculating as we were. They'd rip you apart and remember nothing of it the next day. At least we gave a fuck about our victims. They didn't even remember their deaths when they awoke from their lupine states.

Her head cocked- she had expected me to submit, to turn tail and let her go. I steeled myself and locked my gaze to hers. I would not succumb to them again. I would not bow to being just another one of my cowardly race.  Then, she turned, and fled. My eyes were drawn, however, to a marking on her left leg.  It was a spiralling line, wrapping around the leg,  marking her out to me.  Now, I would always recognize her as the girl who destroyed my only hope at surviving as I do.  And I would know now she was special. The elders talked of alphas, a story to tell to our newest recruits to motivate them to tear wolves down.  I never thought they'd be real. I never dreamed I'd have one locking gazes with me. 

And I never thought I'd want to kill one so badly. 

The End

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