Lost and Alone.....and about to changeMature

Two days, I'd been wondering. Staying away from villages was hard enough, but after walking some distance I'd found I'd gone in a circle. My senses are normally hyped up around this time but there were so many unfimiliar smells, for which I blame the vampires, so my head was all over the place. 
 I found somewhere to hide, just as the sun was setting. As the moon was rising I sat there shaking in fear of being found and of the cold. A voice was in the distance, talking to themself....no, singing. The voice was pure and gave me chills. He step into the light and we finally saw each other, chocolate smelling guy. His lips turned into a smile, then a shocked looked crossed his face as a fire ball exploded inside of me making me howl and fall to the ground. When a person is in wolf form we are stronger than the vampires...he can't see me change, he'd know..

But it was too late, as the wolf took over I had to keep screaming to stay alive, pain filled every inch of me as I felt myself changing. In a minute I'd be gone, and the vampire would be left to the mercy of my wolf, my memories were slipping as the wolfs memories took over. As pain ripped my body apart my mind was at the back of the wolfs. 
 She looked up, saw the vampire who hadn't run away...He must want a death wish. The wolf looked right into his eyes...finding the vampires lost soul, and bounded into the woods.  

The End

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