Fire in my GutMature

I knew if I ran, I could catch her. But I let her run, turning my head to the floor. Let the dogs run, I muttered. Well see who howls when we tear them apart. The dust swirled in the air, the only thing left of Lucy. I bared my teeth at the memory. I had trusted Lucy implicitly with my business; only she knew my blood substitution secret. And she had been a lowlife, a spy, all the while. My stomach heaved as I realised I was truly alone. I was breathing in my best friend, because some mongrels turned her head. I stalked back down the path, my head pounding with excess adrenaline. Suddenly, Seth blocked my way, with a blonde I didn't recognise draped over him. "I hear you lost the pretty little werewolf," he said, cocking his head. "You're losing your touch, man." "Fuck off Seth. They broke Lucy. I just had to rip apart my best friend. Go back to your floozy and leave me the hell alone." I said, shoving him back. I heard them giggle like juveniles behind me, snickering as I slammed the stone door shut. The sunlight streaming from the skylight hit me like a bolt of electricity after the covered garden, and I cursed, reeling backward into the cool darkness. It had hit my arm, bringing the veins to the surface. I knew this meant I needed sustenance, but The Leader had no time for anyone but himself, and therefore left me no time for food. I made my way to my chambers, and pulled out a bloodbag, stolen from the hospital downtown. I hated to do this, but it was dire circumstances. Just the smell set my fangs on attention, and I drank it down in one swig. Throwing the empty bag to the floor, I sank into a chair, running my thoughts in a reel to hide my emotions. To obliterate Lucy's screams and pleas, and stop my sanity snapping entirely.
The End

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