I slunk back to my corner. It was full moon in 2 days. I had to escape by then, but no one knew that I was here! All witnesses had been killed by the vampires who tore their throats as they protected me. The ones who had been unlucky to survive were most probably in another cell with the old one staring down at them. 
  I heard hurried steps accessing to my prison. "Catherine?" it whispered loudly. I shuffled forward into the light.  It was Lucy, she winced at me. The vampires attack hadn't left me in a pretty state but I'd heal. This is probably where I mention Lucy is another vampire who helps us. We just want peace. "The alpha's got in touch...told me. You need to get out of here" 
"Stating the obvious much" I snapped at her. Then took it back, I'm no good being cooped up. She unlocked the door and I cautiously shuffled out the prison. I hadn't moved properly in a few hours so my limbs were stiff.
We made our way up the steps and by some miracle got to the Old one's palace gardens. A little door was waiting for me. "This is where I leave you" Lucy said, then explained the route when a voice stopped us. "Indeed, this is where you leave her" It was the chocolate smelling guy. 
He sauntered over to Lucy, who trembled at his feet. "Please master, please" She begged, her whole body shaking with fear. "No second chances" He smiled sadistically at her. In one swift motion her head was disjointed from her body and her body dissolved into the atmosphere. He turned to me.
"Now" He said, "Why is everyone so keen to help you escape and to keep you alive?" I bared my teeth, edged towards the gate and ran into the distance. 

The End

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