A Sudden RealisationMature

She surveyed me, head to toe. Despite her best efforts, this raking glance stunk of superiority. So, she was high up in her.. Clan? Order? I had no idea what the werewolves called their group. We didn't exactly mingle. She was also beautiful. No wonder Seth had tried to take her for his own. A high ranking werewolf, with looks like hers, would be quite the trophy to such a sleaze. Her eyes were a deep, dark grey, and were narrowed in contempt currently. Great, she already hates me. A series of lines running down her collarbone stood out as she backed away, shaking her head. " Vampires. You all reek of something different. " She nodded at Seth. "Someone clearly doesnt like you- you stink of white spirit. But you," she then held my gaze, " you.. I can't work you out. You smell of chocolate. Odd." Seth burst into laughter, and spat into her cell, leaving clearly disgusted. She turned to the wall, cutting off our conversation. But she looked over her shoulder, and gave me a smile, just as I was backing up to leave. It lit up her face, and was gone before I could blink. " Go on, off to your batcave!" she said, spinning back round. " That's Batman," I said, sighing through my urge to laugh, and left her to it.
The End

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