The stench of vampires filled my nose. I'd been caught trying to run over the border, the vampire who'd helped me, Christian, was surely going to be punished. He'd helped us for years, he was/is a true friend. Now I'm stuck in the vampires dungeon, they've put me in the heart of the old ones, so niave. They don't know what I am. How high up I am in the werewolf world.

They mustn't know. Or the world will come crashing down. Of course we know about the old ones, vampires like to keep their ranks shown. But the alpha's are a secret race, pure werewolfs, that the vampires didn't know about.

I heard a snap in the celler and hid in the corner of my cell. A head appeared in front of the bars..."Hello, doggy" He sneered. "Want to play dead for your master?" I beared my teeth and hissed. "Seth, Leave off she's just a cub" The voice was authoritative, and I had to stop myself from laughing out loud...just a cub, what did he know, for I may look like a teenager but I was 37 years old. We Alpha's age slower. The voice looked at me, standing, surveying. He was definatly an old one. "There's something different about this cub." I had to bite my tounge, I'm no cub. "What's so special about you then?" He knelt down to look through the bars, watching me. I was crouched in the corner but slowly extended myself so we were looking at each other, faces close.

Wondering, how was the other different from other's we've met.  

The End

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