Don't Entice me

Paige had to go meet a teacher for a band practice meeting for the free period we had after break leaving Amelia all alone. She was okay with it but... she was sort of growing to like the girls attitude. How she took nothing for granted and enjoyed everything which apparently included the cafeteria food.

Amelia didn't know what to think about that but she knew most cafeteria food is bad. Didn't matter if this school was private boarding the food wasn't going to be five star. So she wasn't getting her hopes up from Paige's description which was 'the best cafeteria food ever'. 

She decided that she was going to spend her free period studying up on the topic she knew they were going to do first in History. It was about the first world war. Amelia knew about the first world war but her head was scattered in this place. Everyone was very smart here. She was competing against more than just the nerds at this school cause everyone here seemed to have a little intellectual secret. Paige was exceptional in History and that surprised Amelia since Paige seemed more dedicated to her music.

The library was empty when Amelia got there but as she began to walk towards a table people flowed in walking past her and taking up most of the table. She groaned annoyed then spotted one in the very corner. She rushed across the library getting a dirty look from the librarian. 

She didn't care. She needed a table to study and that was the last one. Amelia got there dumping her bag on the table and slumping into the seat. She closed her eyes taking a long slow breath.

"Can I share this table with you?" a gentle voice asked. It was rough and deep. It made Amelia's hearts skip several beats. She felt weird. Her eyes opened and found themselves gazing at a rugged looking boy. His hair was rustic auburn and his eyes hazel. Amelia could only draw a ragged breath.

The tips of her fingers were tingling. Something she hadn't felt in a while. Oh no, no, no. Amelia was not going to let herself have a crushed on anyone.

"Sure" she said dragging her bag off the table and tugging out her history text book. She flicked it open to the right page and focused on the page. She couldn't concentrate past the sounds of the boy as he moved to sit down on the other side of the table.

"What's your name?" he asked dragging her attention up from the book.

"Amelia" she muttered. He smiled slowly and leant back in his seat. His movements were fluid. Enticing. It drew her in like the sky calls to birds.


This was Demetri?! Amelia couldn't help but think. A lump formed in her throat. Hadn't she said she wouldn't get involved at all. She forced her body to relax when she saw the amused little smile.

"Nice to meet you" she said looking back down at her book. They fell into silence to study. 

The End

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