Sitting Up Front.

Amelia walked with Paige into their History class and looked around for a seat.
Paige smiled at her and sailed over to a seat near the front of the class and patted the empty seat next to her.
Amelia winced and slowly shuffled to the front and and plopped down in the seat and bit her lip.

Amelia hated being near the front of the class. She hated the feeling of having her back to people she doesn't know or trust. It made her feel very uncomfortable and exposed.

Paige frowned at her.
"Are you okay?" She asked Amelia.
Amelia nodded and sank low into her seat and watched the front of the class.
Paige patted her arm.
"Are you sure?" She asked Amelia.
"I'm sure. Just nervous." She muttered. Paiged smiled and shook her head.
"Everything will be fine. The teacher is really nice and the people in here even more so." She said in a reassuring tone. Amelia smiled and turned to face the front again.
She was still unconvinced that everyone in this class were nice, people were always mean, no matter where she went. There was always someone that was out to get her.

After about five minutes the teacher walked into the class and looked at the class.
"Today we're going to be looking at the ancient art work in Pompeii and Hurculaneum. Please open your text books and exmine the pictures in there." She said then turned and walked to her desk and sat down to start marking work.

Amelia opened her text book and looked at all the pictures of the art work and frowned. She gazed over at Paige and saw her head buried in the book with her lips moving slightly as she read the text.

Well...hell. This was going to be fun, she thought in sarcasm.

The End

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