The Crew

Amelia had never been a likeable person. It wasn't cause she couldn't be but more cause she didn't want people getting close. Every now and then though there would be cracks. Friends as normal people called them. Amelia was a little different and didn't think of them that way.

She enjoyed not being alone yes. What she didn't enjoy was knowing that there was someone that could hurt her or a person someone could hurt her through. Friends were weakness which is why when Amelia made friends she made sure they were of a few.

Paige was the first of her friends here and Amelia hoped she'd be the last. She hadn't meant to get attached to her room mate in a way that made them friends. It just happened...

"How was class?" Paige asked as Amelia dragged herself into the room flopping face down onto her bed. "Not great I'm guessing"

"I was the only new person to this school in my Art class" Amelia said rolling over and staring up at the ceiling.

"There were three in my one hour of French" Paige informed. "Harriet, Josie and Katie. I invited them all over tomorrow evening"

"Why?" Amelia said bolting upright. 

"No one talked to them" Paige sighed. "I know this school doesn't like new people but this is sixth form"

"Yeah" Amelia muttered flopping back onto her bed. "Sixth form" Only two more years of education. Two final years of hell.

It wasn't that Amelia didn't like learning like her parents she had a nack for words and numbers. It was the crowds that got to her. The ones that just made learning so hard. Those students that would talk and talk while the teacher would struggle to calm them down. 

"Can I use the bathroom first?" Paige asked grabbing her pjarmes.

"Sure" Amelia sighed sitting up and moving to unpack her bag on the desk. Tomorrow would be History first thing. Two hours of it before moving on to a free period before lunch. After lunch it would then be Drama.

Paige had mentioned that guy Demetri did it but in Art she had also learnt Sarah and her friends, Chelsea and Anne, also did it. A hot guy and the popular gang. Drama wasn't going to be the dramatic sessions Amelia had enjoyed back at her old school and at her weekend group.

The End

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