Amelia walked into her first art class for the semester and sighed.
Pretty much every single desk had a student sitting there chatting with their friends.
Of course she was going to be the out cast because she's the new kid. She could just see it, going into group activities she'll always be the one chosen lastly or the one that had to work with the teacher.
Amelia sighed and walked over to the only empty desk and sank into the seat and out her drawing pad in front of her and waited for the teacher to finally arrive.

Not even five minutes had passed when a student kicked Amelia's desk to gain her attention. She looked up and saw a girl with long black hair, blue eyes and a near flawless face looking down at her with a raised eyebrow.
"And who're you?" She asked Ameila with scorn.
Ameila folded her arms across her chest and leant back in her seat.
"Amelia." She said. The girl smiled and looked at her doe-eyed friends.
"Amelia..." She says slowly.
Amelia gritted her teeth and did her best not to show signs of frustration.
The girl opened her mouth to say something else when the teacher finally hurried into the classroom and dumped a box onto her desk.
"Sorry I'm late class." She said. He gaze flicked over to the girl that stood beside me.
"Sarah please sit down in your seat." The girl who Amelia now knew was named Sarah, rolled her eyes and sat in the chair beside Amelia.

Just as the teacher turned her back to the class, Sarah started whispering nasty coments about Amelia.
Amelia did her best to ignore the coments, after all Sarah didn't even know who she was other than her name. But it didn't mean that it took the sting away from some of the things that she had to say.
Amelia sighed.
This was going to be the longest art class of her exsistance.

The End

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