"Tah dah!" Paige sang as Amelia swung the door open to what would be her room for the next two years. It had turned out that Paige was also her room mate since her last room mate had left last year being a Year 13 and all.

Amelia was surprised to find that Paige's side of the room was... nice. Tucked in the corner next to her dresser a guitar was lent in its stand. Her desk was also over piled already with school books and piles of old or over the summer school work. Paige walked in and flopped onto her bed. 

Amelia followed and glanced her side with it completely bare desk and empty dresser. The bed was plain and neatly made and the walls only showed signs of where blue tack had been stuck to hold up posters. She lugged her suitcase up onto the bed and began to unpack moving her clothes to the dresser and her toiletries to the small ensuite. She put her books on the desk which the school had told her to buy. Apparently the money spent here didn't cover all your books.

She was happy though about the fact there was no uniform. Amelia always wore ripped jeans and usually of the shoulder shirts in dark colours. She was glad to know the only uniform they did inforce was a jacket with the school logo on the breast pocket.

"I think you can tell but I'm studying music for sixth form but also History, English Lit and French" Paige said and she leant back on her arms watching Amelia move about as she unpacked. "What about you?"

Amelia put her last book on the desk and turned to face her new room mate. "Drama, Art, English Lit and History" she said slowly.

"Cool" Paige grinned. "Which one do you think you'll drop next year?"

Paige couldn't have been anymore different from her Amelia. While Amelia was too the point it seemed like her room mate liked to enjoyed the little things. She was laid back and relaxed. "I'm not sure yet"

"Me neither really. Maybe we'll have some classes together either History or English Lit"

Amelia almost smiled. "That would be nice" she said slowly again. Usually her remarks were fast but sometimes she took her time to see what the others reaction was before she had completely finished speaking. Paige grinned tilting her head to the side.

Amelia sat on her bed tugging on her jacket which Paige already had on. Beneath hers was a white shirt with some sort of slogan that Amelia just couldn't see. "Luckily for the first three days of school we have class bonding time so you wont really be doing anything. You may get a bit of homework but that's about it"

"That seems fair" Amelia said shrugging.

"You might like Drama thought" Paige giggled. Amelia tensed sensing that Paige was about to tell her some in school details.

"Why is that?"

"Because of Demetri" she whispers in a hushed voice. "He's one of the hottest guys in our year. Would be the school if it wasn't for Andrew"

"Whose Andrew?" Amelia questioned remembering from when she got her timetable that while she had a free first two periods like Paige that her three after lunch where three of her six hours of Drama.

"Oh he's in the year above us. He's amazing at poetry not good at saying it but a real charmer. Demetri though. You should of seen him practicing Romeo and Juliet last year. I think they're actually performing it this year" Paige winks. "Maybe you could have a go"

"I'm not really up to dating or even flirting with a guy" Amelia muttered. Amelia didn't really want to spend her first day swarming up trouble cause she had no doubt that the popular girls of this school were already all over this Demetri and she didn't want to find out their reaction to some new girl like her stepping in.

"Come on, we should head to lunch early and grab the best grub" Paige said jumping to her feet. Amelia nodded rising to her own feet and hoping.. just hoping that she'd get past what she knew was going to be a uncomfortable lunch time.

The End

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