First Day

Amelia hesitated over the threshold of her new school. God, she really didn't want to be here. She hated the thought of going to a private school, she didn't want to meet all of the snooty students and the strict teachers.

Ameila sighed and stepped into the school building and looked around at the chaos of students walking to their classes and slamming their lockers closed. She took a deep breath and followed the signs to where the main office was located.

It was just like the first day back at her old high school. The rush of activity and chaotic movements of many students hurrying to be places, or to get to their friends. The sounds of mocking laughter and shouts of frustration. And the smell...the smell of teenage sweat and girl perfume. It was the same, except for the attitude. Back at her old school, people were a little more...relaxed. They had an air of nonchalance around; whereas here everyone wanted to be on time to be prompt.

Amelia shuddered and focused on where she was going again.
"Hey watch it!" She shouts  to a student that bumped into her. She bends down and picks up her dropped bag as the male student hurried off without an apology.

"Jerk." She muttered under her breath and stood up.

She went to walk again when she felt a tug on her bag. Amelia turned around and saw a girl that looked to be her age standing there. She had long brown hair in plaits that stopped at her ribcage, soft brown eyes and perfect white teeth that were beaming at her.
Amelia raised her brow at the girl.
"Can I help you?" She says in a nuetral tone. The girl's smile widened even more as she thrust her hand toward Amelia.
"My name is Paige Stevens. I see you're new here." Paige said. Ameila shakes her and nods.
"Yes, my first day." Paige nodded and let go of Amelia's hand.
"I can tell." She says. Amelia rolled her eyes and clutched her bag tightly.
"Am I that obvious?" She drawled. Paige laughed and nodded her head.
"By the way you were looking around... you had new girl written all over you." Amelia chuckled slightly and shook her head ruefully.
"I'm Amelia by the way." She said by way of introduction.
"Where were you headed?" Paige asked her. Amelia bit her lip and looked around the still crowded hall.
"Main office." She murmured. Paige nodded again.
"I was just on my way there, you could walk with me if you like?" Paige offered.
Amelia smiled at her.
"Sure, thanks." She said as Paige started walking along the hall and dodging between the students. There was something about Paige that reminded Amelia of an old friend of hers. The way she smiled and how...perky she was, even the way she wore her hair reminded Amelia of Ashley. She sighed and pushed the thoughts of Ashley out of her mind and focused on where Paige was.

Amelia knew that she got lucky with Paige, she could just sense the mean girls and the annoying class mates. 
She clenched her teeth together at the thought of having to deal with more people.

She really didn't want to be here.

The End

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