Too The Point

Amelia is too the point. She doesn't like messing around and she certainly doesn't like not knowing what is going on. So when she attends a new school where she finds herself stuck in till the winter holidays and things start not making sense and the adventurous sixth former just can't help feeling a little bit irritated.

The young girl glared out the window her sharp evergreen eyes piercing as she gazed over the landscape. She sat in the back with one leg pulled up to her chest with her luggage in the seat opposite.

"Oh come on, Amelia" her aunt said from the drivers seat her eyes flicking up to look in the rear view mirror. Amelia turn her eyes on her aren't. Furious eyes that her aunt could not meet with her own so she looked quickly back at the road and gripped the steering wheel tighter. "Its only boarding school. You know why your parents are sending you here. Its for your own good and your better education"

Amelia had heard the speech all before from her parents. So, she didn't really wish to hear it all over again from her aunt. Which is why as her aunt spoke Amelia clenched and unclenched her fist fighting back the quick harsh reply that wanted to shoot from her lips. Once her aunt had finished speaking she didn't reply and just looked straight back out the window again.

Of course it wasn't her parents driving her to this school far in the country side. Oh no, they were too busy worrying about their trip to other countries. Too busy to give a moments notice to their daughter unless it was about her behaviour or education.

They didn't care if she had to leave her friends behind now or her almost boyfriend, Danny. He said he'd wait for her but Amelia didn't believe it and had dumped him before she left.

Some of the students called Amelia cruel. She thought of herself as to the point. She didn't understand the reasons for meddling over the trivial things. "I've heard this place has excellent recommendations" her aunt spoke again. Beatrice she was called and Amelia always remembered her mostly from the large circular glasses that sat on her nose then the tight white haired bun she pulled her hair back in to.

Amelia hardly liked her but she was polite.... sort of. Amelia had barely spoken to any of her family in years. Gone had the sweet young girl they had all known.

What was that? Amelia sat up straighter in her seat and gazed harder out the window searching for the whisp of a figure that had just shot past them. She bit her lip uncertain. Could her eyes have deceived her? They must have because as Amelia stared out the window there was nothing but miles of country side all around. She slumped back in her seat. 

Amelia had always searched for more interesting activities. Like paintball. Her parents had not approved of that behaviour. Nor had her parents approved of the free-running she tried a couple of years ago with the neighbourhood boys. 

Their parents hadn't approved either of them leading a sweet little girl astray. It had all been Amelia's idea of course but who would listen to her? Certainly not any of the parents. Remembering the look on the boys facing when they got caught with 14 year old Amelia trying to scramble up a wall with a risk of a 10 metre drop was priceless. It brought a smile to her face every time she thought about it.

Amelia finally decided to answer her aunt having wander off in thought. "I don't care about the ratings, Aunt Be" she says slowly her voice calm yet with a hint of anger to it. "My old school was completely fine and I would of been happy attending sixth form there"

Her parents had argued not only was this school better suited for Amelia but also she wouldn't be alone all the time. She'd have a room mate. Oh goody, she had thought when her parents had told her. Amelia had never been the sociable type but the friends she had made she was loyal to and they understood her.

Amelia highly doubted that anyone her would. She knew about the expense and cringe at the thought of how much money her parents were spending on this silly place. 

"Oh come on, Amelia. You must be thankful to your parents and keep an open mind" Beatrice said trying to make her voice sound like. Truthfully, Amelia knew how much her aunt was glad she wouldn't be around the house while her parents weren't there.

Beatrice had never been able to control Amelia and had excepted she never would. "Oh yipee, I'm moving half way across the country to go to a damn private school"

"Amelia" Beatrice complained.

"No, Aunt Be" she snapped leaning forward her eyes turning into slits. "You know I'm going to hate this place and you just don't care cause you wont have to deal with me anymore"

Beatrice opened her mouth then snapped it shut and the girl sat back in her seat smug. Okay, maybe her words were harsh but they were to the point. She knew she frightened some people but it was cause they misunderstood her not cause she was intentionally being rude.

If she was rude then she was rude no point resting over sour details that was how Amelia thought. It was then the large building of the school came into sight and Amelia swallowed.

For the first time in years she felt the inkling of nerves and she didn't like it. Oh god, how was she going to fit in?

The End

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