Prom Night|The Best and the Worst

"Second period is over. I gotta find Rachelle, before 3rd period starts! Oh My Gosh, where the heck is she?!" That was what Christine thought before...

Before she was grabbed by Macy, Lacey, Tracey and Jessica! They dragged her inside the Computer Lab and locked the door. Then, they started to surround her, and Jessica said "You, B*TCH! I hate you! I warned you to stop stealing him!" Then, she whispered something in Tracy's ear and then Tracy slapped her! After that, Lacey and Macy pulled her hair, and Jessica spat at her!! 

Christine was in deep pain. She was pushed, punched, slapped and even spat on. She wanted to scream, but she was saving it for later, when she couldn't take it anymore. She wanted to fight back, to defend herself, but she couldn't! Why? Because even though they are hurting her, she hates Jessica, they are still her classmates!

After what felt like an hour, she fell unconscious, only thing she remembered before she fell unconscious was she heard knocks on the door, which Jessica and her friends ignored, they kicked her so hard she almost screamed, and escaped using the window. She didn't know whoever knocked.

She woke up and the first things she saw was it was a white room and there were small tubes connected to her and there was a guy that was in a tux who was holding her hand, but unfortunately he fell asleep, from waiting, I guess.

A nurse entered and told her that she would be okay and left. She was very curious. Then the guy woke up, it was actually Mike, she felt very shocked and then he told her "Oh you're awake! I don't know who did this to you, but if I found out who he is, I'll make him pay!" "Uhhh.. why are you in a tux? You kind of look silly!" Christine replies. "Because it's prom night, your my date remember?! So, since you're in the hospital, we can have our prom here. My prom is wherever you are" he replies.

The End

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