Prom Night: 1

"Walking in the mall, with my new toms! With my camera hanging on my neck, my mom just gave me 100$ to buy anything I want. Wow, this is just too good to be real!" Then, after a few minutes, she hears her name, someone was calling her, and they are shouting, then she wakes up. It was only her mother who was calling her after all! She was getting late for school! It was all just a dream AGAIN, Christine mutters. She had no toms, yet, her one and only camera was hidden somewhere in the house and her mom would never give her 100$, unless it's needed. After preparing, Christine goes down to the kitchen and she suddenly remembered that Prom Night is on Saturday.

As she realized that, " Christine, dear, when is your prom night again?" her mom asks. "It's this Saturday, Mom!" Christine replies. "Oh really? What day is it today?" her mom asks again. "It's Thursday!" Christine replies.  Feeling very awkward talking about prom with her mom she said: "Mom, let's continue this talk later. I might be late for school!" "Oh Okay" her mom replies. As she went out, she ran all the way to school! 

As she got to school, Rachelle runs to her saying, "CHRISTINE, I really need your help, can you come with me? I'm going to need help from my best friend to find the perfect prom dress for me!" "Ummm, I don't know. I'll ask my mom, first! Wait, you got a date already?!" Christine asks. "YES!" Rachelle replies. "What?! Haven't we promised each other we're going date hunting TOGETHER? Who's your date, anyway?"Christine asks yet again. "I'm so sorry, Christine! I forgot all about it! Oh, my date is Jake Lovati!" Rachelle replies. As Christine hears that, she says " Oh My Gosh. Do you really mean Jake Lovati with the perfect body just asked you out?!!" "Yes, he did!" Rachelle says. "I just can't believe it, your date to the prom is JAKE LOVATI!!"  Christine says.

As Christine and Rachelle got to class, Mike Reed the school's athlete goes near to Christine and says, "Christine, do you have a date to the prom? Wanna go out with me, I mean?" "Oh, umm.. sure!"

The End

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