Too Stupid to Realize

It was a peaceful night in the meadows. The swaying of the branches were beautiful, it's as if they're huge people dancing in the night. Everything was peaceful, then she heard a low growl behind a bush. She took wonderful pictures first, before venturing to that bush, to see what it was! She was Christine, the adventure/photographer. She was ready to attack that mysterious animal then she woke up.

As she woke up she muttered: "I knew it was just a dream, how stupid can I believe it!" She checked her clock it was 6:30 in the morning. She stood up, and prepared for school even though it was too early. She didn't want to sleep again. When it was 7:25, she was on her way to school. She was excited to go to school, and that made her confused, because it's so rare for her to feel excited about going to school. She had no friends in Matrix U, well except for the school diva, Rachelle. But to her, Rachelle is not really a friend, she is just using her so that she wouldn't end up being a friendless loser!

But the truth is, she's excited to see the school's sweetheart Mario, which is very bad. Because Mario is currently dating Jessica the MEANEST girl in the whole school.

As she got to school, she was splashed in the face with Coke by Jessica,"LOSER! Don't steal what's mine!" Jessica shouts. Then she walked away with her friends laughing at Christine. As she turned around, she saw Mario, she suddenly thought that maybe he saw what happened. She ran to the CR, so that she could cry her heart out, because she was very embarrassed. She was humiliated in front of her crush! "But, why did Jessica do that? What does she mean that I'm stealing something from her??"Christine thought.

The End

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