Too much Harry Potter

It's just a bit of fun as it doesn't has any moral. A short story to refresh you!!

As I was walking back home through the dark street , I was surprised to see around twenty owls sitting on the cable wires. I asked myself several times, "Owls? At this time? In the evening?" Then, when I reached home, all confused, I saw my mom using the broomstick. No! Not for cleaning the dusty floor, but actually she was flying. As I was a little late from tuition and wanted to save myself from the long lecture, I straight away went upstairs to the slovenly room which was mine. The  moment I opened the door, there came a letter straight on my face. And I was stunned when I opened it and I'm sure any muggle  would be. It read that I was a witch and I was invited to "Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry" to learn magic. I had the same feeling that Harry Potter had when he got to know that he was wizard. And then I entered my room. There were surprises in a row. My bed was full of magical stuff.  There was a 7' wand, a big heap of books and a ticket for the "Hogwarts Castle"." What was happening?", I asked myself. And, suddenly I heard a familiar voice calling,"Get up you couch potato!" So this was the mystery, all I was enjoying was just a dream.

Now I get it, I've been reading too much of that stuff. Harry Potter has got into my head. The result was obviously the worst. I had missed my school bus and mom banned Harry Potter for one month. 

The End

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