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I knew that this chance meeting with a stranger in the night really wasn't chance at all but fate.  Clutching his number in my hand I quickly turned the key of the car.  I hesitated briefly before driving away but as I drove I looked in the rear-view mirror to catch a final glimpse of the sopping wet man.  He stood there as if mesmerized and watched as my car slipped away into the night.  I knew at that moment that the mysterious man would not be a stranger for long.

Perhaps I should have lingered longer, who knew what would have happened?  Shivering from the damp cold that enclosed me I headed into the direction of my home with thoughts of the stranger racing through my muddled mind.  I knew immediately upon entering the garage that I would not let another moment pass without placing the phone call.  My destiny was literally at my finger tips. ring, two rings, my heart raced.  Finally I heard the voice.  "Hello?"  I hesitated and then....



The End

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