Chapter 3


He was devastated. He rushed to the hospital and frantically told a doctor her name and details and that he needs to see her urgently.

He had been sitting there for hours. He looked at the stars shining down at him, and wondered if she could be watching him through one of them.

The doctor's face stiffened as he asked, "Are u the same person who she wished to meet on her birthday?" He nodded.

He saw the time. It was almost dawn.He watched the sun slowly rise up. He focussed on the rays of the sun, trying to shut it all out...

The doctor sighed and said, "You're too late. She committed suicide last night when u didn't arrive."

He slowly placed the flower on her grave. He knelt down beside it and looked at her name carved in the grave for a long time.

He was too late.

She died on her birthday.

He had let her die.

He cried.

The End

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