Chapter 2

The sun had almost set now, it was getting dark. He wondered if he would be able to sleep that night. Or the next. He opened his eyes and took out the flower from his pocket. He looked at it for a long time, eyeing the faint outlines of the petals. He touched the petals of the flowers with his other hand and weakly smiled.

After 4 months of breaking touch with her, she had sent him an email saying that she wishes to see him on her birthday. Coincidentally, there was a party at his friend's house that same night, and he wondered if he should travel to another city instead of being at his friend's place. There were no more emails or messages from her after that. He decided to attend his friend's party and then meet her the next day, with a gift for her as an apology for being late.

Her birthday arrived. He attended the party, and got on the train the next day to meet her. He bought a cute teddy bear for her, and was sure that she would love it and forgive him for coming a day later.

Little did he know...

He had always bragged to all his friends that that nothing in the world could possibly upset him enough to cry. He considered himself strong and practical, someone who would never "give in" to tears.
Today he no longer felt strong. He felt weak, he felt upset, he hadn't slept for days. For the first time in his life, he wanted to be a different person.

He reached her house and found it locked. When he asked the neighbours, they told him that she had been in the hospital since 5 months, in her last stage of cancer, and was expected to live no more than another year.

It was close to midnight.. He felt exhausted and desperately needed rest. Feeling numb, he didn't move for a long time, many hours.

The End

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