"Too Late"


He stood there looking at the sun going down. A million things running in his mind, he tried to focus on the rays of the sun, on the reddish yellow colour of the horizon, trying to shut himself down, trying to shut out those feelings and events.

It was her birthday. He was going to meet her.

It had been 8 months since he had last seen her - he had to stay in a different city temporarily for an year for a course. When he had first reached the city for his course, he made sure he was in constant touch with her, through e-mails or phone or letters or whatever he could do, because his day just didn't end right without talking to her at least once. However, with time...

He closed his eyes. He felt the soft breeze brushing his hair, which for a while relieved him of the headache he had been having since ages. He felt weak and sick, he needed to rest, and he needed to sleep. But some things in his mind wouldn't let him.

With time, he had found new friends and company in the new city he was in. He began to drink and smoke, and forgot about talking to her for many days in a row a lot of times.
Although all the times he did speak to her, he noticed that she had begun to sound quite … different. As if she was hiding something or trying to tell him something. Being too drunk to notice, it never really struck him. Until..

The End

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