Too Good to Be True

During the humid summer days, sometimes Lily can daydream a little too much.

Lily's cheeks began to burn as she looked up at her crush, David Bells."Hey there sweet thaaang, how you wanna go out Saturday night??"

"YEEEEEEEESSS!!!!I mean, okay, that sounds pretty cool I guess." Lily responded as she combed her hair with her fingers, trying to cover her blushing cheeks. She thinks, "This is way to good to be true. Hey, wait a minute, why is he flying away?" The plastic blue chair she was sitting in, transformed into the hammock between her mother's apple trees. "Darn" she sighed, "Why must this always happen! One minute I think I'm having the best day at school, then it turns out the next that I'm daydreaming!"


The End

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