tomorrow still better

          Apathy.  The absence or suppression of passion, emotion or excitement is the definition of it.  Americans today have a severe case of this deadly disease.  People of America today are much less interested in politics and foreign affairs then we were yesterday.  Why should we worry about those things? We have everything we need at our fingertips.  We have lived in safety forever.  We have never had a war on our soil since the civil war; the fear is unthought-of of by most of us.  The need for patriotism is overlooked by “we the people” in our busy sophisticated lives.   But what we fail to realize is patriotism is what brought us to the prosperous and yet apathetic state.  If there had been no patriotism our independence would not have been won, we would no longer be united as a single country, communism and terrorism, may be within our borders.  The passion and patriotism of the Americans before us is what made today’s life in America so fearless and possible.  What made today’s life in American have two possibilities.  Will we answer our heritage with apathy? Or will we choose to answer it with the same fervent, challenging passion that they had for the United States of America? So that tomorrow will be even yet still better than today.       

The End

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