Tombstone of the Living Dead

Cemeteries. They are places in which you could see your deceased loved one buried in a tomb. They are places where you could remember your loved one's thoughts, emotions, and feelings. They are places where the deceased are laid in their graves. But there was one grave that was special. A grave which could foretell the future of your inevitable death. This grave could read the minds of the living. At midnight, a mysterious hand will slowly write on the tombstone the date and the year of one's death. This happened to a high school student who wanted to live the American dream, but in the end he remembered that his best friend died, went over to the special grave which could foretell your death, and the student collapsed just like that. Life doesn't always get what you want. Sometimes life can get you a number of thinks like, sex, drugs, parties and others. But in the same notion life itself is just a twinkle of an eye away.

There was one student named Josh who just happened to love reading things about horror. He woke up all night and read books containing monsters, creatures from the dead, and others. He was fascinated by the details of the monsters and how they would eat human life to the bone. He was in his bed reading swiftly. Just then a thunder storm occurred and he jumped. He closed the book and fell asleep wishing he never read that book. It was early morning and Josh had to dash off to school. He was always late and never on time. His teacher Mr. Watkins was a very stubborn fellow. His height was in between and he wore glasses which showed the world around him. His students were learning about the death of loved one's and how when they die they either go deep down in the mischievous grave, or the precious afterlife. They also talked about how precious life was why it was good and the reason behind all life. Josh showed up just in time for the class. “Josh, your late” remarked Mr. Watkins. Josh just shrugged his shoulders and walked to his seat. “Now where were we? “Ah yes, we were talking about life. How precious it is. How wonderful it is. Until time itself just snatches your life away. Things like cell phones, movies, video games anything that can make your life shorter and meaningless in an instant. Focusing on the good parts of life such as family, marriage and others, provide meaning and purpose. But life without purpose is without excuse. You see class every time you waste your life with meaningless stuff, then you could pass away in an instant. Life itself is meaningless without purpose.” Josh could feel the suspense of what the teacher was talking about. He was obsessed with his books and video games that he needed something more to focus in life. He didn't have any girls on his mind or what his future might hold. Josh could feel the weight of life's burdens over his body. One of the other students whose name was Kirk, whispered to Josh, “Psst. Hey Josh. You want to go to the cemetery just outside the school? They have this one grave which I heard rumors it could foretell your future death. I hope to have a good life so that when I die I can be in the afterlife.” Josh thought for a moment, “Sure.” He said. The bell rang and school was over for the day. Josh and Kirk walked out of the classroom to grab their items from their lockers. Then they strolled over to the cemetery. The sun was about to set. Josh and Kirk adventurously looked at each grave. They saw numbers of those who have gone before them, war veterans, ordinary people and police men and fire men. Josh always wanted to be a police man. He wanted to save the world from crime itself. “Josh over here.” Josh walked to where Kirk was standing. He saw a grave with no words. The sun was shining down it's bright rays on the tombstone. Kirk said to Josh, “I heard that when it was midnight, this spooky hand writes on the tombstone after waiting for a while the time and date of your death.” Josh was feeling scared to the bone. “Can we go? I don't want to know my futre death yet.” Kirk said, “Ok. But I want to see my future death someday.” “Let's go home.” Josh and Kirk parted their ways. The next morning Josh could feel a sense of fear. Something told him he should find out his future death. That way he could know what lied ahead for him. Whether he would get married have kids, get rich and famous, or just live a ordinary life style doing good for people. Josh hurried over to the cemetery and found the blank tombstone. He waited and waited all day just before sunset. Suddenly the spooky ghostly hand began to write on the grave. Heart pounding with fear, Josh could see the hand write with strength since the tombstone was carved out of stone. Josh screamed for his life and ran because he didn't want to know his future death yet. The next morning at school, Josh told Kirk all about the ghostly hand about to write on the tombstone. “Your joking right?” “I saw it.” “It was right there.” Josh told Kirk all about the holographic like hand and how it began to move slowly stroking it's finger. Kirk wanted to go that night and watch it happen. But Josh told him they should wait for a special occasion. It was getting close to the night sky, and Kirk and Josh strolled over to the cemetery once more. But before they could experience the ghostly hand, the teacher startled both of them. “What are you two doing out at this time of night?” Josh told Mr. Watkins, “We heard stories that this particular tombstone had a ghostly hand that would pop up and write the time and date of your death.” The teacher thought it was all bogus. But just before they were about to leave, Josh said “Look!” And Kirk and the teacher turned around and saw the spooky illuminated hand. They screamed and ran. Josh saw the hand beginning to write something on the tombstone. It began to write 19 just then sunrise came and the hand disappeared. It would finish the date and time of Josh's death since he was the one watching. Josh felt this heart pounding pulse in his chest and walked away. The teacher and Kirk were in the office pondering what they just saw. Josh strolled in the office. “How did you know about this ghost story?” Watkins said. Josh told him all about the story from their friends and other friends. Watkins looked puzzled and told Josh never to go there again because Watkins wanted Josh to have a good life before he knew when he was going to die. The next morning Josh wanted to really know about his death. He got dressed and walked to the cemetery. He didn't want to wake Kirk because he wanted to make sure his life was in good hands. Josh waited till the sun went down and just then the ghost hand rose from the grave and began to write, 1954 5:00 Am. Josh was puzzled usually someone would die this instant, but he was still alive. It looks as if he wasn't ready to die yet. The sun rose in the sky and Josh suddenly saw dust wiping the letters off the tombstone. He was very puzzled. He went to Kirks place and told him what happened. Kirk wanted to try it too. So they waited for the next day and both of them were standing in front of the blank tombstone. Just then the ghost hand rose up from the grave and began to write the same date and time. Kirk saw it and was shocked. “What is it Kirk?” Josh was frightened. The date and time was Kirks mothers death. He now held the curse of that year and time of which he would die. Josh told Kirk to snap out of it, but Kirk kept on staring. Years went by and Kirk died that day 1954 at 5:00 Am. Josh was puzzled as to why the ghost hand wrote Kirks and not his. Although Kirk had a good life, Josh wanted to know when his appointed time and date were. He waited before the sunset and the ghost hand rose up from the grave again. It wrote the same date and time! Josh couldn't believe it! Kirk died on that date and time. Josh's time was about to end as well! He was about to meet Kirk on the otherside. Josh heard a rumble and the grave opened up. He saw a very frightening dead skeleton and one other skeleton which was Kirk. He screamed and dust took his very body down into the open grave. Then the grave shut tight. Josh had just lost his very life. His spirit began to wake him. He saw Kirk in a colorful place filled with people from which they had gone before them. Was this Heaven? No. It couldn't be. Josh ran and hugged Kirk and saw Kirks mother smiling at them. They had both left the natural world into the spirit world where everything was peaceful and calm. Josh now knew who the ghost hand belonged to. Death was only the beginning of life itself.

The End

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